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Steenstra IA, Franche RL, Furlan AD, Amick, III B, Hogg-Johnson S. The added value of collecting information on pain experience when predicting time on benefits for injured workers with back pain. Journal of Occupational RehabilitationJ Occup Rehab. 2016;26(2):117 - 124.
Dorland HF, Abma FI, Roelen CA, Smink A, Feuerstein M, Amick, III B, et al.. The Cognitive Symptom Checklist-Work in cancer patients is related with work functioning, fatigue and depressive symptoms: a validation study. Journal of Cancer Survivorship. 2016;10(3):545 - 552.
Gardner BT, Dale AM, Buckner-Petty S, Van Dillen L, Amick, III B, Evanoff B. Comparison of employer productivity metrics to lost productivity estimated by commonly used questionnaires. Journal of Occupational & Environmental MedicineJ.Occup.Environ.Med. 2016;58(2):170 - 177.
Van Eerd D, Munhall C, Irvin E, Rempel D, Brewer S, van der Beek AJ, et al.. Effectiveness of workplace interventions in the prevention of upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders and symptoms: an update of the evidence. Occupational and Environmental MedicineOccup Environ Med. 2016;73(1):62 - 70.
Amick, III B, Lee H, Hogg-Johnson S, Katz JN, Brouwer S, Franche RL, et al.. How do organizational policies and practices affect return to work and work role functioning following a musculoskeletal injury?. Journal of Occupational RehabilitationJ Occup Rehab. 2016;:[epub ahead of print].
Amick, III B, McLeod CB, Bultmann U. Labor markets and health: an integrated life course perspective. Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & HealthScand.J.Work.Environ.Health. 2016;42(4):346 - 353.
Tompa E, Robson L, Sarnocinska-Hart A, Klassen R, Shevchenko A, Sharma S, et al.. Managing safety and operations: the effect of joint management system practices on safety and operational outcomes. Journal of Occupational & Environmental MedicineJ.Occup.Environ.Med. 2016;58(3):e80 - e89.
Williams-Whitt K, Bultmann U, Amick, III B, Munir F, Tveito TH, Anema JR. Workplace interventions to prevent disability from both the scientific and practice perspectives: a comparison of scientific literature, grey literature and stakeholder observations. Journal of Occupational RehabilitationJ Occup Rehab. 2016;:[Epub ahead of print].
Berolo S, Steenstra I, Amick, III B, Wells RP. A comparison of two methods to assess the usage of mobile hand-held communication devices. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene. 2015;12(4):276 - 285.
Van Eerd D, King T, Keown K, Slack T, Cole DC, Irvin E, et al.. Dissemination and use of a participatory ergonomics guide for workplaces. Ergonomics. 2015;:1 - 8.
Tang K, Beaton DE, Hogg-Johnson S, Cote P, Loisel P, Amick, III B. Does the upper-limb work instability scale predict transitions out of work among injured workers?. Archives of Physical Medicine & RehabilitationArch.Phys.Med.Rehabil. 2015;96(9):1658 - 1665.
Tullar JM, Amick, III B, Brewer S, Diamond PM, Kelder SH, Mikhail O. Improve employee engagement to retain your workforce. Health Care Management Review. 2015;41(4):316 - 324.
Steenstra IA, Busse JW, Tolusso D, Davilmar A, Lee H, Furlan AD, et al.. Predicting Time on Prolonged Benefits for Injured Workers with Acute Back Pain. J Occup Rehabil. 2015;25(2):267 - 278.
Brouwer S, Amick, III B, Lee H, Franche RL, Hogg-Johnson S. The predictive validity of the return-to-work self-efficacy scale for return-to-work outcomes in claimants with musculoskeletal disorders. Journal of Occupational RehabilitationJ Occup Rehab. 2015;25(4):725 - 732.
Amick, III B, Hogg-Johnson S, Latour-Villamil D, Saunders R. Protecting construction worker health and safety in Ontario, Canada: identifying a union safety effect. Journal of Occupational & Environmental MedicineJ.Occup.Environ.Med. 2015;57(12):1337 - 1342.
Gensby U, Labriola M, Irvin E, Amick, III B, Lund T. A classification of components of workplace disability management programs: results from a systematic review. Journal of Occupational RehabilitationJ Occup Rehab. 2013;24(2):220 - 241.
Breslin FC, Ibrahim S, Smith P, Mustard C, Amick, III B, Shankardass K. The demographic and contextual correlates of work-related repetitive strain injuries among Canadian men and women. American Journal of Industrial MedicineAm J Ind Med. 2013;56(10):1180 - 1189.
Tompa E, Hogg-Johnson S, Amick, III B, Wang Y, Shen E, Mustard C, et al.. Financial incentives of experience rating in workers' compensation: new evidence from a program change in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineJ Occup Environ Med. 2013;55(3):292 - 304.
Morassaei S, Breslin FC, Ibrahim SA, Smith PM, Mustard CA, Amick, III B, et al.. Geographic variation in work injuries: a multilevel analysis of individual-level data and area-level factors within Canada. Annals of EpidemiologyAnn Epidemiol. 2013;23(5):260 - 266.
Mustard CA, Bielecky A, Etches J, Wilkins R, Tjepkema M, Amick, III B, et al.. Mortality following unemployment in Canada, 1991--2001. BMC Public Health. 2013;13(1):441.
King TK, Severin CN, Van Eerd D, Ibrahim S, Cole D, Amick, III B, et al.. A pilot randomised control trial of the effectiveness of a biofeedback mouse in reducing self-reported pain among office workers. Ergonomics [Internet]. 2013;56(1):59 - 68. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/00140139.2012.733735
Abma FI, Amick, III B, van der Klink JJ, Bultmann U. Prognostic factors for successful work functioning in the general working population. Journal of Occupational RehabilitationJ Occup Rehab. 2013;23(2):162 - 169.