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Horppu R, Martimo KP, Viikari-Juntura E, Lallukka T, MacEachen E. Occupational physicians' reasoning about recommending early return to work with work modifications. PLoS One. 2016;11(7):e0158588.
Beaton DE, Dyer S, Boonen A, Verstappen SM, Escorpizo R, Lacaille DV, et al.. OMERACT Filter evidence supporting the measurement of at-work productivity loss as an outcome measure in rheumatology research. Journal of RheumatologyJ Rheumatol. 2016;43(1):214 - 222.
Sale JE, Gignac MA, Hawker G, Beaton D, Frankel L, Bogoch E, et al.. Patients do not have a consistent understanding of high risk for future fracture: a qualitative study of patients from a post-fracture secondary prevention program. Osteoporosis InternationalOsteoporos Int. 2016;27(1):65 - 73.
Armijo-Olivo S, Woodhouse LJ, Steenstra IA, Gross DP. Predictive value of the DASH tool for predicting return to work of injured workers with musculoskeletal disorders of the upper extremity. Occupational and Environmental MedicineOccup Environ Med. 2016;:[Epub ahead of print].
Kennedy CA, Warmington K, Flewelling C, Shupak R, Papachristos A, Jones C, et al.. A prospective comparison of telemedicine versus in-person delivery of an interprofessional education program for adults with inflammatory arthritis. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare. 2016;:[Epub ahead of print].
Stergiou-Kita M, Pritlove C, Van Eerd D, Holness LD, Kirsh B, Duncan A, et al.. The provision of workplace accommodations following cancer: survivor, provider, and employer perspectives. Journal of Cancer Survivorship. 2016;10(3):489 - 504.
Guerriero EN, Smith PM, Stergiou-Kita M, Colantonio A. Rehabilitation utilization following a work-related traumatic brain injury: a sex-based examination of workers' compensation claims in Victoria, Australia. PLoS One. 2016;11(3):e0151462.
Zhang W, McLeod C, Koehoorn M. The relationship between chronic conditions and absenteeism and associated costs in Canada. Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & HealthScand.J.Work.Environ.Health. 2016;42(5):413 - 422.
Kristman VL, Shaw WS, Boot CR, Delclos GL, Sullivan MJ, Ehrhart MG. Researching Complex and Multi-Level Workplace Factors Affecting Disability and Prolonged Sickness Absence. Journal of Occupational RehabilitationJ Occup Rehab. 2016;:[epub ahead of print.
Prang KH, Bohensky M, Smith P, Collie A. Return to work outcomes for workers with mental health conditions: a retrospective cohort study. Injury. 2016;47(1):257 - 265.
Black O, Sim MR, Collie A, Smith P. A return-to-work self-efficacy scale for workers with psychological or musculoskeletal work-related injuries. Quality & Quantity. 2016;:[epub ahead of print].
Jetha A, Pransky G, Fish J, Hettinger LJ. Return-to-work within a complex and dynamic organizational work disability system. Journal of Occupational RehabilitationJ Occup Rehab. 2016;26(3):276 - 285.
Kugley S, Wade A, Thomas J, Mahood Q, Jorgensen AMK, Hammerstrom K, et al.. Searching for studies: a guide to information retrieval for Campbell Systematic Reviews. Campbell Methods Guides. Oslo, Norway: The Campbell Collaboration; 2016 .
Schieir O, Hogg-Johnson S, Glazier RH, Badley EM. Sex variations in the effects of arthritis and activity limitation on first heart disease event occurrence in the Canadian general population: results from the longitudinal national population health survey. Arthritis Care & ResearchArthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2016;68(6):811 - 818.
van Genderen S, Plasqui G, Lacaille D, Arends S, van Gaalen F, van der Heijde D, et al.. Social Role Participation Questionnaire for patients with ankylosing spondylitis: translation into Dutch, reliability and construct validity. RMD Open. 2016;2(1):e000177.
Tompa E, de Boer H, Macdonald S, Alamgir H, Koehoorn M, Guzman J. Stakeholders' perspectives about and priorities for economic evaluation of health and safety programs in healthcare. Workplace Health & Safety. 2016;64(4):163 - 174.
Kristman VL, Shaw WS, Reguly P, Williams-Whitt K, Soklaridis S, Loisel P. Supervisor and organizational factors associated with supervisor support of job accommodations for low back injured workers. Journal of Occupational RehabilitationJ Occup Rehab. 2016;:[epub ahead of print].
McGuire C, Kristman VL, Shaw WS, Loisel P, Reguly P, Williams-Whitt K, et al.. Supervisors' perceptions of organizational policies are associated with their likelihood to accommodate back-injured workers. Disability and RehabilitationDisabil Rehabil. 2016;:[epub ahead of print].
Tompa E, Kalcevich C, Foley M, McLeod C, Hogg-Johnson S, Cullen K, et al.. A systematic literature review of the effectiveness of occupational health and safety regulatory enforcement. American Journal of Industrial MedicineAm J Ind Med. 2016;59(11):919 - 933.
Steenstra IA, Munhall C, Irvin E, Oranye N, Passmore S, Van ED, et al.. Systematic review of prognostic factors for return to work in workers with sub acute and chronic low back pain. Journal of Occupational RehabilitationJ Occup Rehab. 2016;:[epub ahead of print].
MacEachen E, Kosny A, Stahl C, O'Hagan F, Redgrift L, Sanford S, et al.. Systematic review of qualitative literature on occupational health and safety legislation and regulatory enforcement planning and implementation. Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & HealthScand.J.Work.Environ.Health. 2016;42(1):3 - 16.
Laberge M, Calvet B, Fredette M, Tabet N, Tondoux A, Bayard D, et al.. Unexpected events: learning opportunities or injury risks for apprentices in low-skilled jobs? A pilot study. Safety ScienceSaf Sci. 2016;86:1 - 9.
Kennedy CA, Beaton DE. A user's survey of the clinical application and content validity of the DASH (Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand) outcome measure. Journal of Hand TherapyJ Hand Ther. 2016;:[epub ahead of print].
Hamilton CB, Wong MK, Gignac MA, Davis AM, Chesworth BM. Validated measures of illness perception and behavior in people with knee pain and knee osteoarthritis: a scoping review. Pain Practice. 2016;:[Epub ahead of print].
Blanchette MA, Rivard M, Dionne CE, Steenstra I, Hogg-Johnson S. Which characteristics are associated with the timing of the first healthcare consultation, and does the time to care influence the duration of compensation for occupational back pain?. Journal of Occupational RehabilitationJ Occup Rehab. 2016;:[epub ahead of print].