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Kendzerska TB, Smith PM, Brignardello-Petersen R, Leung RS, Tomlinson GA. Evaluation of the measurement properties of the Epworth sleepiness scale: a systematic review. Sleep Medicine Reviews. 2014;18(4):321 - 331.
Robertson A, Hitzig SL, Furlan AD. An evaluation of the performance of the Opioid Manager clinical tool in primary care: a qualitative study. Journal of Opioid Management. 2014;10(3):187 - 199.
Smith P, Chen C, Mustard C, Bielecky A, Beaton D, Ibrahim S. Examining the relationship between chronic conditions, multi-morbidity and labour market participation in Canada: 2000-2005. Ageing and Society. 2014;34(10):1730 - 1748.
Beaton DE, Dyer S, Jiang D, Sujic R, Slater M, Sale JE, et al.. Factors influencing the pharmacological management of osteoporosis after fragility fracture: results from the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy's fracture clinic screening program. Osteoporosis InternationalOsteoporos Int. 2014;25(1):289 - 296.
Wong IS, Smith PM, Mustard CA, Gignac MA. For better or worse? Changing shift schedules and the risk of work injury among men and women. Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & HealthScand.J.Work.Environ.Health. 2014;40(6):621 - 630.
Kristman VL, Cote P, Yang X, Hogg-Johnson S, Vidmar M, Rezai M. Health care utilization of workers' compensation claimants associated with mild traumatic brain injury: a historical population-based cohort study of workers injured in 1997-1998. Archives of Physical Medicine & RehabilitationArch.Phys.Med.Rehabil. 2014;95(3 Suppl):S295 - S302.
Furlan AD, Irvin E, Kim J, Van Eerd D, Carnide N, Munhall C, et al.. Impact of long-term opioid use for chronic non-cancer pain on misuse, abuse or addiction, overdose, falls and fractures. Cochrane Database of Systematic ReviewsCochrane Database Syst Rev. 2014;(4):CD011062.
Shaw WS, Kristman VL, Williams-Whitt K, Soklaridis S, Huang YH, Cote P, et al.. The Job Accommodation Scale (JAS): psychometric evaluation of a new measure of employer support for temporary job modifications. Journal of Occupational RehabilitationJ Occup Rehab. 2014;24(4):755 - 765.
Katz J, Marin TJ. Letter to the editor. Pain. 2014;155(6):1175 - 1176.
Sears JM, Bowman SM, Hogg-Johnson S, Shorter ZA. Linkage and concordance of trauma registry and hospital discharge records: lessons for occupational injury surveillance and research. Journal of Occupational & Environmental MedicineJ.Occup.Environ.Med. 2014;56(8):878 - 885.
Scott-Marshall HK, Tompa E, Wang Y, Liao Q. Long-term mortality risk in individuals with permanent work-related impairment. Canadian Journal of Public HealthCan J Public Health. 2014;105(5):e330 - e335.
Kristman VL, Borg J, Godbolt AK, Salmi LR, Cancelliere C, Carroll LJ, et al.. Methodological issues and research recommendations for prognosis after mild traumatic brain injury: results of the international collaboration on mild traumatic brain injury prognosis. Archives of Physical Medicine & RehabilitationArch.Phys.Med.Rehabil. 2014;95(3 Suppl):S265 - S277.
Bielecky A, Smith P. Methods of soliciting self-reported chronic conditions in population surveys: don't ask, don't report. Quality & Quantity. 2014;48:2463 - 2477.
Chahal J, Whelan DB, Jaglal SB, Smith P, MacDonald PB, Levy BA, et al.. The multiligament quality of life questionnaire: development and evaluation of test-retest reliability and validity in patients with multiligament knee injuries. American Journal of Sports MedicineAm.J.of Sports Medicine. 2014;42(12):2906 - 2916.
Sears JM, Bowman SM, Hogg-Johnson S, Shorter ZA. Occupational injury trends derived from trauma registry and hospital discharge records: lessons for surveillance and research. Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineJ Occup Environ Med. 2014;56(10):1067 - 1073.
Chaparro LE, Furlan AD, Deshpande A, Mailis-Gagnon A, Atlas S, Turk DC. Opioids compared to placebo or other treatments for chronic low back pain: an update of the Cochrane review. SpineSpine. 2014;39(7):556 - 563.
Furlan AD, Macdougall P, Pellerin D, Shaw K, Spitzig D, Wilson G, et al.. Overview of four prescription monitoring/review programs in Canada. Pain Research & ManagementPain Res Manag. 2014;19(2):102 - 106.
Moulin D, Boulanger A, Clark AJ, Clarke H, Dao T, Finley GA, et al.. Pharmacological management of chronic neuropathic pain: revised consensus statement from the Canadian Pain Society. Pain Research & ManagementPain Res Manag. 2014;19(6):328 - 335.
Smith P. Potentially misleading conclusions: job strain and health behaviors. American Journal of Public HealthAm J Public Health. 2014;104(3):E4 - E5.
Kosny A, Lifshen M, Smith P, Saunders R. Prevention is the best medicine. Development of a work and health toolkit for new immigrants using settlement services in Ontario. Perspectives interdisciplinaires sur le travail et la sante. 2014;16(2):1 - 14.
Tang K. A reciprocal interplay between psychosocial job stressors and worker well-being? A systematic review of the "reversed" effect. Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment, & Health. 2014;40(5):441 - 456.
Ramada JM, Serra C, Amick, III B, Abma FI, Castano JR, Pidemunt G, et al.. Reliability and validity of the work role functioning questionnaire (Spanish version). Journal of Occupational RehabilitationJ Occup Rehab. 2014;24(4):640 - 649.
Ramada JM, Delclos GL, Amick, III B, Abma FI, Pidemunt G, Castano JR, et al.. Responsiveness of the Work Role Functioning Questionnaire (Spanish Version) in a General Working Population. Journal of Occupational & Environmental MedicineJ.Occup.Environ.Med. 2014;56(2):189 - 194.
Stergiou-Kita M, Mansfield E, Bayley M, Cassidy JD, Colantonio A, Gomez M, et al.. Returning to work after electrical injuries: workers' perspectives and advice to others. Journal of Burn Care and Research. 2014;35(6):498 - 507.
Mahood Q, Van Eerd D, Irvin E. Searching for grey literature for systematic reviews: challenges and benefits. Research Synthesis MethodsRes.Synth.Method. 2014;5(3):221 - 234.