Questioning the numbers: Practices and policies that hide the true experience in workers’ compensation “experience rating”

Mike Wright, United Steelworkers International Union, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.


Overview: The current “experience rating” system in workers’ compensation does not produce an accurate reflection of true injury/illness experience in workplaces. Perverse incentives come into play, and actual experience gets hidden and altered. Employers use various policies, practices and programs to discourage injury-reporting and claims-filing, as well as practices that mask lost-time experience. This presentation shares experiences from workplaces in the U.S. and Canada.

Conclusion: The system as presently constructed hides true injury, illness and lost-time experience in workplaces across all industry sectors. Systemic changes will be needed to address current problems with the workers’ compensation system and “experience rating.”


No slides were used in this presentation.