Dr. Ron Saunders

Director, Knowledge Transfer and Exchange, and Senior Scientist

Dr. Ron Saunders is a policy expert with a passion for labour issues. He has coupled these two interests throughout his career, whether working in the public service, academia or applied research.

Work is a central part of our lives, and finding policies that promote worker health, job satisfaction and productivity is critical for both individual and societal well-being, he says.

Saunders came to the Institute in November 2008 from the Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN), where he was the vice-president of research. His own research at CPRN centred on vulnerable workers, the school-to-work transition, access and quality issues in post-secondary education, and skills development and training.

Prior to that, Saunders spent 17 years in the Ontario public service, most notably as the assistant deputy minister of policy, communications and labour management services in the Ministry of Labour. There, he was instrumental in developing policies related to employment standards and labour relations.

Saunders also spent time in the academic world, having taught at the University of Toronto and, in 2001/2002, at Queen’s University School of Policy Studies. He currently holds an appointment as associate professor in the School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto.

Current projects: 

Addressing essential skills gaps in an occupational health and safety training program

Measuring OHS vulnerability

Examining whether union construction firms have lower injury and illness rates than non-union firms

Selected Publications: 

Lay M, Saunders R, Lifshen M, Breslin C, LaMontagne A, Tompa E, Smith P. The relationship between occupational health and safety vulnerability and workplace injury. Safety Science, 2017; 94:85–93

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Saunders R. Risk and Opportunity: Creating Options for Vulnerable Workers. Ottawa (ON): Canadian Policy Research Networks; 2006.