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July 2014

New video explains health and safety risks facing temp agency workers

Temporary agency work has been a growing part of the workforce as employers continue to seek labour flexibility. But what are the health and safety consequences for people whose jobs are temp agency placements? That was the question Dr. Ellen MacEachen of the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) set out to answer in a recent study. In this new IWH video, Dr. MacEachen sums up her findings.

Watch the video

IWH study finds heat stress risk higher for some people and on certain days

The sultry, humid days of summer are upon us. If you’re responsible for the health and safety of outdoor workers, do you know who to keep an eye on? We’d like to remind you about an IWH study published last year on heat stress, which spells out who are the most vulnerable—and why they need extra time to recover.

Read about the study

Case studies chronicle the impact of IWH research

At IWH, our aim is to have concrete impact: on how employers and workers understand and use injury prevention measures, and on how policy-makers design and implement work injury and disability prevention programs. Now, you can read stories about our research impact. They include the story of how a joint project on stigma led to an awareness initiative at Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Read the impact case studies

DASH Outcome Measure now available in 50-plus languages and dialects

By far the most popular tool IWH has developed to date, the DASH Outcome Measure (short for Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand) helps clinicians track the progress of upper extremity disabilities and lets researchers measure study outcomes. The tool recently hit an important landmark when it became available in 50 languages and dialects—from Arabic to Yoruba. Is yours one of them?

Go to the DASH website

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