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August 2014

Save the date! IWH plenary to launch
research program on gender, work and health

How do sex and gender differences shape the way work environments affect health? At a special offsite Institute for Work & Health (IWH) plenary on Tuesday, October 14, IWH Scientist Dr. Peter Smith launches a five-year research program on gender, work and health funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Come hear how sex and gender differences affect work-related health outcomes, and why understanding these differences matters in work injury and disability prevention.

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Risk of heat- and cold-related illnesses soars even at moderate degrees

Even in temperatures as mild as 22-degrees Celsius, the risk of heat stress rises by 75 per cent with every one-degree increase in temperature. That's according to a new IWH study, now summarized in a Research Highlight.

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IWH’s eight-item questionnaire may be predictive of future claims rates

In a promising development, an eight-item leading indicators questionnaire, jointly developed by IWH and Ontario’s health and safety associations, has been shown to predict injury claims rates three years down the road in a sample of Ontario firms.

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Single moms stay home longer after an injury, but are less likely to get benefits

An IWH study finds single mothers are more likely than moms and dads with partners to stay off work longer after a work-related injury. Despite this, they are also less likely than single fathers, partnered moms or partnered dads to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

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NIOSH’s Dr. Paul Schulte to deliver this year’s annual Nachemson lecture

The Alf Nachemson Memorial Lecture, hosted annually by IWH, has become one of the most important networking events of the year in Ontario for policy-makers, researchers, workplace professionals, advocates and other stakeholders in work injury and disability prevention. This year’s lecture, being held Wednesday, November 19 in Toronto, is being given by Dr. Paul Schulte, director of education and information at the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Come hear his talk on how NIOSH moves research into practice and measures the impact of research on worker health protection.

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