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August 2015

IWH’s eight-item leading indicator tool put to use across the country

The Institute for Work & Health Organizational Performance Metric (IWH-OPM) is only eight items long. Yet this leading indicator measure, shown to predict injury rates, has already won fans and users across the country. Find out how this little tool, developed in collaboration with Ontario’s sector-based health and safety associations, is being taken up from coast to coast.

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Plan ahead: Fall schedule of Institute plenaries now posted on the IWH website

Since 2008, scientists from across Canada and around the world have been invited to come share their work-related health and safety research at what are called IWH plenaries. On Tuesday, September 8, a new plenary season begins. First up is IWH Adjunct Scientist Dr. Ellen MacEachen, who will discuss the findings of a qualitative systematic review of occupational health and safety (OHS) legislation and regulatory enforcement. To see what other research presentations are in store this fall, visit the IWH plenaries page. Or sign up for regular announcements about upcoming plenaries at

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First cohort study of Ontario uranium miners since 1993 explores long-term radiation risks

Uranium mining is a dangerous occupation with potentially fatal long-term consequences. Although uranium mining no longer takes place in Ontario, there is still much to learn from the 30,000 men who worked in this sector between 1954 and 1996 in the province. A research team at the Occupational Cancer Research Centre (OCRC) has been updating data on this cohort of uranium miners, who were last studied in 1993, by linking national mortality and cancer incidence rates with work and exposure information. This research is now complete. Findings from the project will help lead to a better understanding of gamma and radon radiation exposure and cancer risk.

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Looking beyond the motorists to improve the safety of people who drive for work

When someone driving on the job gets into a road collision, how often do we look beyond the driver to determine what went wrong? What about the role of the supervisor? Or the health and safety management practices of the organization? That was the starting point for Monash University’s Dr. Sharon Newnam, whose research is focused on work-related road safety. In a recent IWH plenary, Dr. Newnam gave an overview of her recent projects. They run from an intervention to change driver behaviour to a new model for investigating collisions that bring organizational factors into the analysis. That plenary is now available on our website as a slidecast.

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Introducing four recipients of S. Leonard Syme Fellowships in Work and Health

Congratulations to four public health researchers who have been named recipients of the 2015/2016 S. Leonard Syme Training Fellowships in Work and Health. The fellowships were established in honour of Dr. Syme, a pioneer in the field of social epidemiology, and his contribution as chair of IWH’s Scientific Advisory Committee from 1995 to 2002. Chosen from a large field of high-calibre candidates, the four trainees are: Chamila Adhihetty, Faraz Vahid Shahidi, Jonathan Fan and Rebecca Penn, all PhD candidates at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

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