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February 2020

Use IWH resources to mark RSI Day

Get ready for RSI Day on February 29. The Institute for Work & Health (IWH) offers resources to help raise awareness about repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and other forms of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Train office workers on healthy workstation habits. Incorporate resistance training to prevent upper extremity MSDs. Help workers return to work after an MSD, pain-related or psychological condition.

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COR firms have greater injury reductions than non-COR firms, studies find

Workplaces certified through Certificate of Recognition (COR) programs have greater reductions in lost-time injury rates than non-certified workplaces. And even among COR-certified companies, differences in injury rates can be found between lower-scoring and higher-scoring ones. This is according to studies conducted by IWH Scientist Dr. Chris McLeod at the University of British Columbia’s Partnership for Work, Health and Safety.

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Introducing new CSA standard on work disability management systems

When the new CSA standard on work disability management systems is released later this year, it’ll be the first such standard in the world. If you missed Dr. Emile Tompa’s IWH Speaker Series presentation on the new standard, you can watch it now as a slidecast.

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Upcoming IWH Speaker Series presentation: Integrating OHS and wellness programs

When workplace wellness and occupational health and safety (OHS) programs are coordinated, they bring greater benefits to workers and the overall organization than they do on their own. In a February 18 IWH Speaker Series presentation, Institute Associate Scientist Dr. Avi Biswas offers practical advice to employers on integrating safety and wellness activities, based on findings from his recent research.

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Cannabis at work pre- and post-legalization: IWH Speaker Series presentation

Now that the non-medical use of cannabis is legal, how much has changed in workers’ use of, and attitudes about, cannabis at work? Find out at an IWH Speaker Series presentation on March 3, when IWH Associate Scientist Dr. Nancy Carnide shares early results from her surveys of workers pre- and post-legalization.

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IWH scientists share expertise on work needs of people with episodic disabilities

When a House of Commons standing committee was asked to look into the needs of people with episodic disabilities—conditions such as multiple sclerosis, HIV, mental illness, arthritis, etc.—it called on expert witnesses. IWH Scientific Co-Director Dr. Monique Gignac and IWH Senior Scientist Dr. Emile Tompa were among them. Their testimonies informed committee recommendations, especially those related to work.

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Sit-to-stand patient transfer techniques: Upcoming CRE-MSD webinar

Caregivers use many different techniques to transfer clients and patients from sitting to standing positions. But how safe are these practices? In a February 26 webinar, the Centre of Research Expertise for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (CRE-MSD) takes a multidisciplinary lens to break down a range of practices. It’ll analyze these patient/client-handling techniques for worker safety, client safety, ease of use, promotion of client dependence and other factors.

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