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May 2021

Risk of developing diabetes lowered with exercise off-hours, not with at-work activity

Adults are encouraged to do at least 150 minutes a week of moderate to high intensity leisure-time exercise. But should this recommendation apply equally to workers with different physical demands on the job? A study by Institute for Work & Health (IWH) Associate Scientist Dr. Avi Biswas examined the combined effects of physical activity at work and leisure-time exercise on workers’ diabetes risk. As he outlined in a recent webinar, the findings form part of the emerging evidence on what’s called the “physical activity paradox.” It should prompt us to reconsider the universal application of physical activity guidelines and promote practices that increase the physical capability of workers.

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Health-care providers: what mentoring do you need when treating injured workers?

If you’re a health-care provider who needs to treat injured workers from time to time, how confident do you feel about identifying a work-related illness, completing a WSIB Form 8 or doing a functional abilities assessment with injured patients? You can get support on these topics and more through a new Project ECHO Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) initiative for Ontario health-care providers. Help us tailor the program curriculum by completing a short needs assessment survey by May 18. It takes less than 10 minutes, and you could win a $50 gift card. The ECHO OEM program launches this fall.

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What can hospital ER data tell us about the incidence of work-related injuries in Ontario?

Every year, hospital emergency departments in Ontario see an average of 100,000 cases involving work-related injuries or illnesses. What can the records of these cases tell us about the reporting of work-related injuries and illnesses to Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)? In an IWH Speaker Series webinar on June 8, Institute President Dr. Cameron Mustard shares findings from research comparing WSIB claims data with records of hospital emergency department visits over the period between 2004 and 2017.

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Virtual XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work now open for registration

Prevention is on everybody’s mind. In the past year, safety and health at work has emerged as the critical issue around the world. From September 20-23, 2021, the prevention community will gather together to address this global priority. The XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work will be hosted by Canada, with the theme, “Prevention in the Connected Age: global solutions to achieve safe and healthy work for all.” This digital event offers world-class speakers, creative experiences, elevated networking, premium content, and access to thought leaders—all the things that health and safety professionals and decision-makers have come to expect from the World Congress.

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CRE-MSD and Toyota joint webinar examines use of exoskeletons

Companies are starting to update work practices with the use of exoskeletons to enhance physical performance and help reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), such as those caused by overhead work. In a June 2 webinar jointly offered by Toyota and the Centre of Research Expertise for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (CRE-MSD), presenters discuss how Toyota uses exoskeletons and what the benefits and limitations are.

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