A quarterly publication of the Institute for Work & health

At Work

Issue 44

Spring 2006

In this issue

Lead New centre aims to improve return-to-work outcomes

The newly-opened Centre for Research Expertise in Improving Disability Outcomes (CREIDO) will focus on the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of chronic MSK pain and disability.

Standard article Systematic reviews now under one umbrella

Recently, the Institute consolidated its various review activities into a new Systematic Reviews Program, with special emphasis on preventive interventions in the workplace and with a new emphasis on consulting stakeholders.

Standard article Our partners provide important guidance to systematic reviews

Practitioners bring their expertise to the table and provide important feedback at several stages of the systematic review process.

Standard article Young worker injury – it’s the job that matters

In terms of injury risk, the type of job or workplace matters more than the nature of the young workers themselves.

In Focus Four roundtables, 50 voices: Moving from research evidence to action

The Institute and the Research Secretariat of Ontario’s Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) organize a series of Roundtables to identify common research needs and to discuss better ways to cultivate the researcher and decision-maker relationship.

Sidebar Barriers to accessing research

Evidence from research studies is certainly available, so why aren’t more decision-makers using it?