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At Work

Issue 54

Fall 2008

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Lead IWH develops six messages to help prevent MSDs

Most of us know that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) can be painful and disabling to workers. Plus these injuries to muscles, ligaments or other soft tissues negatively affect your company’s bottom line. Preventing MSDs can help enhance workers’ health, increase productivity and improve your company’s economic growth.

Standard article Canadian youth enter the job market early, IWH study finds

Young people in Canada aged 12 to 14 are working in greater numbers than most would suppose. Nearly 53 per cent of youth in Ontario and 42 per cent in British Columbia reported working during the school year, according to a new study conducted at the Institute for Work & Health.

Standard article Research team examines the relationship between business and OHS outcomes

Most safety research does not examine business outcomes such as productivity and profits, while business research tends to “ignore” safety outcomes such as injury rates. Little is known about the relationship between these two areas. A unique new research team identified this gap in their search of the studies in each field.

In Focus A bridge from the “ivory tower”: involving communities in research

The Hawksmoor Towers – an imposing pair of white stone buildings at All Souls College, Oxford – are the very picture of academia’s ivory tower.