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Issue 71

Winter 2013

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Lead The undeclared stakeholders: Recognizing the role of co-workers in return to work

The role of co-workers is crucial in the return-to-work process, and it’s a role that’s not without challenges. This is according to two new studies that hint at ways of making return to work more of a seamless path.

Standard article Research finds safety and operations can enhance each other

Safety and operations can be mutually beneficial, suggests a joint study led by scientists from the Institute for Work & Health and York University.

Standard article Alternative paradigm proposed for health and safety system

As the health and safety system strives to keep up with today’s working world, the University of Washington’s Dr. Michael Silverstein has proposed a  novel solution involving private workplace inspectors. He presented this idea at the Institute for Work & Health’s annual Nachemson lecture.

Standard article The making of an “influential knowledge user”: How Judy Geary used research to improve outcomes at WSIB

After more than three decades in various leadership roles at the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Judy Geary, recently retired, shares how she came to value the contribution of research to policy and program development.

Standard article Role conflict, strain and overload among challenges facing workers with arthritis

The impact of arthritis on the working and personal lives of those with the chronic illness is more profound than one may presume, says new research that examines the intersecting roles of those with the disease and suggests ways to identify those at risk of negative workplace outcomes.

Standard article Symposium considers implications of financial incentives

Last November’s first-of-its-kind international symposium brought together policy-makers, workers’ representatives, employers and researchers to discuss the merits and shortcomings of financial incentives for preventing work injury.

What researchers mean by... cohort study

A “cohort” is any group of people with a shared characteristic. For example, in a birth cohort, what’s common to all individuals is their birth year.

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  • IWH scientist named reviewer of the year
  • John O’Grady retires from IWH Board
  • IWH welcomes new Board member
  • Scientific Advisory Committee undergoes changes