Productivity measurements for workers with arthritis

Five tools for measuring impact of arthritis on worker productivity

Below are some of the questions endorsed at OMERACT for assessing the impact of arthritis on worker productivity:

  • Assume that your work ability at its best has a value of 10 points. How many points would you give your current work ability? (Item 1 from Work Ability Index)
  • During the past seven days, how much did the specific health problem affect your productivity while you were working? (Item 5 from Work Productivity and Activity Impairment)
  • In the last month, how much has arthritis interfered with your work productivity outside the home? (Item 4 from Work Productivity Survey-Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  • In the past two weeks, how much of the time did your physical health or emotional problems make it difficult for you to concentrate on your work? (Sample item from 25-item Work Limitations Questionnaire-25)
  • How much difficulty do you have with the pace of work that your job requires? (Sample item from 12-item Workplace Activity Limitations Scale)

Source: At Work, Issue 77, Summer 2014: Institute for Work & Health, Toronto

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