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This database lists peer-reviewed journal articles, books and book chapters that include an Institute for Work & Health (IWH) scientist or researcher (past or present) as an author. Clicking any title will allow you to view a detailed citation and, if available, an abstract. For journal articles by IWH and non-IWH researchers in the areas of occupational health and safety, return to work, workers' compensation, public health and others within the IWH mandate, see our Research Alerts.


Lay AM, Saunders R, Lifshen M, Breslin FC, LaMontagne AD, Tompa E, Smith PM. The relationship between occupational health and safety vulnerability and workplace injury. Safety Science. 2017;94:85. doi: 10.1016/j.ssci.2016.12.021.
Yap KS, Urowitz MB, Mahood Q, Medina-Rosas J, Sabapathy A, Lawson D, Su J, Gladman DD, Touma Z. The utility of lupus serology in predicting outcomes of renal transplantation in lupus patients: systematic literature review and analysis of the Toronto lupus cohort. Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism. 2017;46(6):791. doi:10.1016/j.semarthrit.2016.09.008.
Abma FI, Bultmann U, Amick B, Arends I, Dorland HF, Flach PA, van der Klink JJ, van de Ven HA, Bjorner JB. The work role functioning questionnaire v2.0 showed consistent factor structure across six working samples. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation. 2017;[epub ahead of print]. doi:10.1007/s10926-017-9722-1.
Walker TJ, Tullar JM, Diamond PM, Kohl HW, Amick B. Validity and reliability of the 8-item work limitations questionnaire. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation. 2017;27(4):576-583. doi:10.1007/s10926-016-9687-5.
Mustard C. Work disability prevention: should we focus on high body weights or heavy physical workload?. Occupational & Environmental Medicine. 2017;[epub ahead of print]. doi:10.1136/oemed-2017-104394.
Ferrario MM, Landsbergis P, Tsutsumi A, Li J, Hynek P, Krause N, Smith PM, Holtermann A, Clays AE. Work environment: an opportunity for ground-breaking collaborations in cardiovascular disease prevention. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. 2017;24(2):4. doi:10.1177/2047487317698913.
Dorland HF, Abma FI, Roelen CAM, Stewart RE, Amick B, Ranchor AV, Bultmann U. Work functioning trajectories in cancer patients: results from the longitudinal Work Life after Cancer (WOLICA) study. International Journal of Cancer. 2017;141(9):1751-1762. doi:10.1002/ijc.30876.
Padkapayeva K, Posen A, Yazdani A, Buettgen A, Mahood Q, Tompa E. Workplace accommodations for persons with physical disabilities: evidence synthesis of the peer-reviewed literature. Disability and Rehabilitation. 2017;39(21):2134. doi:10.1080/09638288.2016.1224276.


Furlan AD, Murphy L. A 46-year-old man with acute low-back pain. CMAJ : Canadian Medical Association journal = journal de l'Association medicale canadienne. 2016;188(6):441-442. doi:10.1503/cmaj.150660.
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Tompa E, Dolinschi R, Alamgir H, Sarnocinska-Hart A, Guzman J. A cost-benefit analysis of peer coaching for overhead lift use in the long-term care sector in Canada. Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 2016;73(5):308-314. doi:10.1136/oemed-2015-103134.
Williams-Whitt K, Kristman V, Shaw WS, Soklaridis S, Reguly P. A Model of Supervisor Decision-Making in the Accommodation of Workers with Low Back Pain. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation. 2016;26(3):366-381. doi:10.1007/s10926-015-9623-0.
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Stergiou-Kita M, Pritlove C, Holness DL, Kirsh B, Van Eerd D, Duncan A, Jones J. Am I ready to return to work? Assisting cancer survivors to determine work readiness. Journal of Cancer Survivorship. 2016;10(4):699-710. doi:10.1007/s11764-016-0516-9.
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Varatharajan S, Ferguson B, Chrobak K, Shergill Y, Cote P, Wong JJ, Yu H, Shearer HM, Southerst D, Sutton D, Randhawa K, Jacobs C, Abdulla S, Woitzik E, Marchand AA, van der Velde G, Carroll LJ, Nordin M, Ammendolia C, Mior S, Ameis A, Stupar M, Taylor-Vaisey A. Are non-invasive interventions effective for the management of headaches associated with neck pain? An update of the Bone and Joint Decade Task Force on Neck Pain and Its Associated Disorders. European Spine Journal. 2016;25(7):1971-1999. doi:10.1007/s00586-016-4376-9.
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Kosny A, Allen AR, Benke G, Macfarlane E, Dimitriadis C, Sim M. Carpentry apprentices work and noise. Journal of Health & Safety, Research & Practice. 2016;8(1):20.