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Article Issue
IWH to explore how work affects health of women and men differently No. 78, Fall
Success stories offer new guidance to organizations on path of OHS change No. 78, Fall
Single moms stay off work longer than other parents after injury, IWH study finds No. 77, Summer
Making use of systematic reviews, and other upcoming IWH projects No. 77, Summer
Ontario firm uses OLIP to track health and safety in suppliers No. 77, Summer
Parents of 12- to 14-year-olds see high benefits, low OHS risk, in children’s work No. 77, Summer
Newly adopted productivity measures help people with arthritis stay at work No. 77, Summer
Supervisors’ views on job accommodation influenced by key organizational factors No. 77, Summer
IWH eight-item questionnaire may predict future claims rates No. 77, Summer
Workers with arthritis struggle to incorporate physical activity: study No. 76, Spring
Work-related musculoskeletal disorders on the decline in Ontario No. 76, Spring
OHS champion has pivotal role in breakthrough change: study No. 76, Spring
The impact of IWH research in workplaces, in the community and in policy-making No. 76, Spring
Chronic conditions worsen outcomes for injured older workers, but not by much No. 76, Spring
Nachemson lecture: Research partnering with policy for data access the way forward No. 75, Winter
Non-academic OHS sources enrich systematic reviews No. 75, Winter
New research centre to examine work disability policy in Canada No. 75, Winter
Study finds supporting learner confidence to apply new skills key to effective training No. 75, Winter
Lt. Gov. David Onley’s keynote speech at centre launch takes on myths about people with disabilities No. 75, Winter
Safer needles rollout study identifies factors for implementation success No. 75, Winter
People hit by joblessness in early 1990s faced higher risk of dying within 10 years No. 74,
A round-up of IWH research funded by external grants No. 74,
Building an understanding of back pain, a common but poorly understood condition No. 74,
Heart disease, arthritis, diabetes raise risk of leaving workforce No. 74, Fall
Leading indicators project tests five tools for ability to predict injury claims No. 74,