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Nachemson lecture: Research partnering with policy for data access the way forward No. 75, Winter
Building an understanding of back pain, a common but poorly understood condition No. 74,
Heart disease, arthritis, diabetes raise risk of leaving workforce No. 74, Fall
Leading indicators project tests five tools for ability to predict injury claims No. 74,
People hit by joblessness in early 1990s faced higher risk of dying within 10 years No. 74,
A round-up of IWH research funded by external grants No. 74,
New Brunswick’s WorkSafeNB adopts IWH’s safety culture yardstick No. 73, Summer
IWH research now has two new “applications” No. 73, Summer
The young and new on job most affected by heat stress: study No. 73, Summer
HR researcher and consultant Graham Lowe saw IWH grow over 10 years as scientific advisor No. 73, Summer
Night and evening shifts linked to higher risk of injuries: study No. 73, Summer
Risk of repetitive strain injury different across gender in some fields: study No. 73, Summer
Permanent work injury lowers women’s chances of marriage No. 72, Spring
Female nurses working nights weigh [slightly] more than those working days No. 72, Spring
Do workplace disability management programs promote return to work? No. 72, Spring
Work environment may up risk of hypertension in men No. 72, Spring
Manufacturer learns participatory ergonomics worth the investment No. 72, Spring
Mental health suffers among workers permanently impaired by job injury No. 72,
The undeclared stakeholders: Recognizing the role of co-workers in return to work No. 71, Winter
Symposium considers implications of financial incentives No. 71, Winter
Research finds safety and operations can enhance each other No. 71, Winter
Role conflict, strain and overload among challenges facing workers with arthritis No. 71, Winter
Alternative paradigm proposed for health and safety system No. 71, Winter
The making of an “influential knowledge user”: How Judy Geary used research to improve outcomes at WSIB No. 71, Winter
Work environment may put women at risk of diabetes No. 70, Fall