Ann Morgan, Chair

President and Disability Prevention Specialist

Ann Morgan is president of MSVI, where she delivers training and facilitation for managers and employee groups aimed at helping organizations become psychologically safer and more productive through the protection and promotion of employee mental health and disability prevention.

Morgan is a recognized leader in the field of workplace mental health and psychological health and safety. She has an extensive background in vocational rehabilitation and disability management, having worked in a variety of corporate, government and clinical settings. Throughout her 20-plus years in disability management, she has earned a reputation as an expert in resolving barriers to success at work for individuals and teams.

Morgan is a Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)-certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor and a certified Workplace Fairness Analyst. She holds a bachelor of arts in psychology, and is a Certified Vocational Professional (CVP), Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP) and Registered Psychotherapist (RP).

Photo of Ann Morgan