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At Work

Issue 62

Fall 2010

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Lead How modified work affects disability outcomes in long-term care

There is some evidence that modified work for injured workers in Ontario’s long-term care sector was associated with a lower burden of disability, according to an Institute for Work & Health (IWH) study.

Standard article IWH provides expertise to Ministry of Labour panel

The Institute for Work & Health (IWH) has been providing research expertise to a Ministry of Labour panel tasked with reviewing Ontario’s health and safety prevention and enforcement system.

Standard article IWH snapshot: Twenty years in the making

Find out how the Institute for Work & Health has grown from a small organization to a global leader in work-health research.

News Nachemson Lecture: Mark your calendars

The Institute for Work & Health is pleased to announce that Dr. Terrence Sullivan, CEO of Cancer Care Ontario (CCO), will deliver this year’s Alf Nachemson Memorial Lecture. The lecture takes place on Thursday, November 18 in Toronto.

In Focus Investigating temporary employment in Canada

For more than eight years, IWH researchers have explored the impact of temporary employment and other non-standard work forms and arrangements  on worker health. Read about some of the latest findings.

What researchers mean by... probability

If The Weather Network informs you that the probability of precipitation is 80 per cent for the day, it might prompt you to carry an umbrella. Probability provides information abut the likelihood that something will happen.

News IWH News

  • IWH announces board appointments
  • Syme Fellowships awarded
  • Two staff members awarded fellowships
  • Two new studies launched
  • Systematic review team receives funding renewal