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Issue 73

Summer 2013

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Lead The young and new on job most affected by heat stress: study

Study of work-related heat stress finds heat strokes, sun strokes and other heat illnesses spike over groups of days and disproportionately affect those on the job less than two months

Standard article Night and evening shifts linked to higher risk of injuries: study

Higher injury rates found across age, sex and job type in rare study looking at risk levels by time of day

Standard article New Brunswick’s WorkSafeNB adopts IWH’s safety culture yardstick

Institute of Work & Health’s Organizational Performance Metric chosen after study shows firms’ scores on eight-item questionnaire correlate with claims rates

Standard article HR researcher and consultant Graham Lowe saw IWH grow over 10 years as scientific advisor

Over 10 years as member of the IWH Scientific Advisory Committee, Graham Lowe has seen the Institute evolve

Standard article Risk of repetitive strain injury different across gender in some fields: study

Stark differences in RSI risk for men and women in sectors including construction, agriculture

Standard article IWH research now has two new “applications”

Mobile app versions of two IWH clinical tools now released

For clinicians treating patients with chronic non-cancer pain or workers with arm and hand injuries, making use of research is now as easy as swiping a touch screen on a mobile device.

What researchers mean by... epidemiology

The cornerstone of public health, epidemiology investigates which groups in a population are affected by disease, and why

News IWH News

  • IWH welcomes new board member
  • IWH senior scientist appointed department chair
  • Honourable mention for IWH/NIOSH research
  • A homecoming for new IWH associate scientist