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At Work

Issue 76

Spring 2014

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Lead OHS champion has pivotal role in breakthrough change: study

IWH study of health and safety success stories shines light on the potential of individual change agent to create momentum for safer practices

Standard article Work-related musculoskeletal disorders on the decline in Ontario

Province-wide surveillance study finds drop in MSDs between 2004 and 2011

Standard article The impact of IWH research in workplaces, in the community and in policy-making

Case studies help IWH track, and learn from, the way Institute stakeholders put evidence to use

Standard article Chronic conditions worsen outcomes for injured older workers, but not by much

Study finds workers with osteoarthritis, diabetes and heart disease take longer to recover from MSDs

Standard article Workers with arthritis struggle to incorporate physical activity: study

IWH research suggests employers can help workers with arthritis make exercise part of daily routine

What researchers mean by... selection bias

Selection bias is a common type of error where the decision about who to include in a study can throw findings into doubt