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At Work

Issue 83

Winter 2016

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Lead Depressive symptoms common in first 12 months after work injury

Follow-up study by Institute for Work & Health finds depressive symptoms at six months after work-related injury a signal that poor mental health may persist at 12 months

Standard article Employers and doctors often have uneasy relationship in return to work, study finds

Interviews with Australian employers highlight problems with physicians over communication, trust

Standard article Tapping into personal networks to share research and improve evidence uptake

Stakeholder networks play a key role in the dissemination and uptake of IWH research

Standard article PREMUS 2016 keynote speakers tackle leading-edge issues in MSD prevention

Topics include the risks of prolonged sitting or standing, the application of a gender lens, the role of safety climate and the risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome

Standard article New review finds motor control exercise reduces low-back pain, disability among sufferers

New review by Cochrane Back and Neck Review Group broadens options for people with low-back pain

What researchers mean by... cohort studies, case control studies and randomized controlled trials

When people read about a research study, they may not pay attention to how the study was designed. But to understand the quality of the findings, it’s important to know a bit about study design.

News IWH Update

  • New biostatistician joins the Institute
  • IWH Board of Directors welcomes three new members