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Issue 85

Summer 2016

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Lead Key differences found in return-to-work process for MSD and psychological claims

Research comparing MSD and mental health compensation claims in Australia offers a picture of return-to-work challenges for psychological conditions

Standard article New cases of mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer in one year cost $1.9B

First-ever estimate of the economic burden of asbestos looks at newly diagnosed cases in Canada in 2011

Standard article PREMUS 2016 brings together MSD prevention scientists and practitioners to share evidence

Keynotes discussed latest findings on carpal tunnel syndrome, construction safety culture, sitting and standing, and sex/gender lens in MSD research

Sidebar Forceful repetition a carpal tunnel risk factor

Workers who often use their hands in forceful gripping and pinching motions face a higher risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), a painful condition that causes tingling, numbness and weakness in the hand and sometimes requires surgery.

Sidebar Eight safety leading indicators for the construction worksite

Although the number of workplace fatalities every year in the U.S. would clearly mark construction worksites as high-hazard environments, little research has been done on safety culture and safety climate in this sector.

Sidebar 'Too much standing hurts, too'

It might be a common perception that prolonged sitting is linked to increased pain or injury, but the evidence indicates that too much standing is also a risk factor, said Dr.

Sidebar Understanding MSDs with sex/gender lens

Women who do the same tasks as men often face a higher risk of MSDs in their neck and upper limbs. That higher risk may be due to both biological (sex) differences as well as differences in social roles, activities and behaviours (gender).

Standard article Employers that focus on both operations and safety don’t have to sacrifice either

Research project supports an approach that integrates operations and safety management

Standard article Disability leave duration rises with age, chronic conditions

Older workers with arthritis, depression and cancer tend to be off work the longest, STD/LTD data suggest

What researchers mean by... difference in differences

Method helps analyze effect of an intervention when intervention and control groups have meaningful differences

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  • 2016 Nachemson to honour RTW pioneer
  • CARWH 2016 takes place this fall in Toronto
  • IWH senior scientist honoured with award
  • Welcome to new associate scientist