Canadian physiotherapy assessment of clinical performance: face and content validity

TitleCanadian physiotherapy assessment of clinical performance: face and content validity
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMori, B, Norman, KE, Brooks, D, Herold, J, Beaton, DE
JournalPhysiotherapy CanadaPhysiother Can
Pagination64 - 72
Date Published2016///
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PURPOSE: To investigate face and content validity of a draft measure to be used across Canada to assess physiotherapy students' performance in clinical education, through broad consultation with physiotherapy clinical instructors (CIs) across Canada. METHODS: An online survey was used to collect input on the draft measure. In addition to demographics, the questionnaire included questions on the preferred rating scale, the items within the measure that should have their own rating scale, and general impressions. RESULTS: Among the 259 CIs who completed the survey, a discrete rating scale with six anchors and 10 boxes or a continuous-line rating scale with six anchors was preferred. Respondents favoured using one rating scale for each key competency in the Expert role but considered a single rating scale sufficient for assessing the Scholarly Practitioner role. CIs agreed that the proposed measure would allow them to assess a student who was performing poorly or very well. The name Canadian Physiotherapy Assessment of Clinical Performance (ACP) received the most votes in the questionnaire. CONCLUSIONS: CIs' collective preferences on the design, organization, and naming of the measure they will use in evaluating students are reflected in the second draft of the ACP

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