A quarterly publication of the Institute for Work & health

At Work

Issue 45

Summer 2006

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Lead Scientist-worker alliance to study work injury

A unique research alliance of injured workers and scientists has received a prestigious $1 million funding award from a federal research program. The Institute for Work & Health is involved as a partner.

Standard article Understanding workplace needs shapes IWH’s research agenda

As the demand for innovative, high-quality evidence increases in the work-health field, deciding what research to undertake is important.

In Focus Is it worth it? Determining the costs and benefits of workplace interventions

The Institute is making efforts to advance the use of economic evaluations in occupational health and safety (OHS) studies to address the need for higher standards in this area. One major project is to develop a book that provides guidance on how to conduct, commission and assess economic evaluations in OHS studies.

Sidebar What is an economic evaluation?

An economic evaluation is a type of study that can help a decision-maker choose how to allocate resources, such as money, people, time or equipment. It identifies all the options a person might reasonably select. It then compares each one in terms of all the relevant costs and consequences.

Sidebar Review finds low quality in workplace economic evaluations

Institute scientists are conducting a systematic review to assess the quality and quantity of evidence on economic evaluations of interventions for occupational health and safety (OHS).

What researchers mean by... generalizability

In its simplest form, generalizability can be described as making predictions based on past observations.