Research Privacy Policy

The Institute for Work & Health regards the access to personal information for research purposes as an important privilege. Protecting the privacy of individuals whose personal information is used in our research and the confidentiality of personal information in our custody is an integral commitment of IWH.

We meet this research commitment by:

  1. Establishing clear principles and policies for the protection of personal information, emphasizing high standards of organizational, technical and physical security practices and protocols;
  2. Communicating privacy protection policies and practices to IWH staff, affiliates and stakeholders;
  3. Restricting access to personal information to those members of the organization who have authorized access for research purposes;
  4. Submitting research protocols involving personal information to external research ethics boards;
  5. Designating the position of IWH Privacy Officer to oversee the Institute's privacy protection polices and practices;
  6. Ensuring all staff are trained in the principles and practices of personal information protection and requiring all staff to annually commit, in writing, to respect the Institute's principles, policies and practices in the protection of personal information;
  7. Ensuring that the Institute's policies and practices are consistent with the best national and international standards of privacy protection in health research and legislative requirements.

For more information on the Institute's privacy protection policies and procedures, see:

For more information or if you have a concern about the Institute's Research Privacy Policy, please contact:

Agnieszka Kosny
IWH Privacy Officer