Dr. Arif Jetha

Associate Scientist
PhD, Health and Behavioural Sciences, University of Toronto

Dr. Arif Jetha increasingly sees the importance of a systems approach to unpack the interplay between micro- and macro-level factors that influence health behaviour and the prevention and management of work disability. Micro-level factors, he says, can include characteristics of the individual such as gender, health status, and psychosocial perceptions. Macro-level factors can include organizational or social policies that govern health, labour and workers’ compensation.

Jetha developed this interest while studying health policy and social psychology for his master’s degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Then, at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health, he delved deeper into behavioural sciences through a public health lens. His PhD thesis focused on the micro and macro factors that affect the employment participation of young adults who have rheumatic conditions.

“I am fascinated by how different social and public health policies can influence both health behaviours and labour market participation of people living with chronic disabling health conditions,” says Jetha. “But during my doctoral studies I became especially interested in the role of knowledge in policy development and how policy development can be hindered by the absence of high-quality knowledge.”

Prior to joining the Institute for Work & Health as associate scientist, Jetha was a post-doctoral fellow at the Hopkinton, Mass.-based Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety. Most recently, Jetha also held the Mustard Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Institute for Work & Health.

Current projects: 

Life-course differences and the employment of people with chronic episodic conditions

Work integration needs of young adults with disability as they transition from university into the workforce

Enhancing community participation in Canadians with disabilities

Selected Publications: 

Jetha A, Besen, E, Smith PM. Comparing the relationship between age and length of disability across chronic diseases. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 2016 May; 58(5): 485-491.

Jetha A, Pransky G, Fish J, Hettinger LJ. Return-to-work within a complex and dynamic organizational work disability system. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation. 2016 Sep; 26(3): 276–285

Jetha, A, Badley, EM, Beaton, DE, Fortin, PR, Shiff, D, Gignac, MAM. Unpacking the early work experiences of young adults with rheumatic disease: An examination of absenteeism, job disruptions and productivity loss. Arthritis Care & Research. 2015 Sep; 67(9): 1246-1254

Jetha A, Pransky G, Fish J, Jeffries S, Hettinger LJ. A stakeholder-based system dynamics model of return-to-work: a research protocol. Journal of Public Health Research. 2015 Jul 16;4(2):553