A systematic review of injury/illness prevention and loss control (IPC) programs

Injury/illness prevention and loss control programs (IPCs) help protect workers from injuries, meet regulatory requirements, reduce the negative effects of injuries and manage costs. IPCs include the three Ps: work practices among employees, policies developed by employers and programs required by legislation.

A new IWH systematic review has determined that there is strong evidence supporting the effectiveness of disability management/return-to-work programs. Researchers recommend that workplaces develop multi-component disability management programs that involve the health-care provider, company supervisors and workers, and workers' compensation carriers.

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Summary: Are workplace prevention programs effective? (195.42 KB)

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Brewer S, King E, Amick BC, Delelos G, Spear J, Irvin E, Mahood Q, Lee L, Lewis C, Tetrick L, Gimeno D, Williams R