Workplace-based return-to-work interventions: A systematic review of the quantitative and qualitative literature

Employers, insurers and workers have expressed a growing interest in workplace-based return-to-work (RTW) intervention studies.

To provide a comprehensive summary of the most effective workplace-based RTW interventions and to direct future research priorities in this area, the Institute for Work & Health conducted a systematic review of the return-to-work literature published since 1990.

Researchers sought to answer the following question: "What workplace-based return-to-work interventions are effective and under what conditions?"

The information will be of interest to a variety of audiences including: workers, supervisors, management, unions, RTW coordinators, disability managers, physicians, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, occupational health nurses, occupational therapists, ergonomists who manage and treat injured workers, private insurance companies and those in the workers' compensation system.

Summary: Workplace-based return-to-work interventions: Summary of a systematic review (243 KB)

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Franche R-L, Cullen K, Clarke J, MacEachen E, Frank J, Sinclair S, Reardon R