IWH-OPM questionnaire

Interested in taking the IWH Organizational Performance Metric (OPM) questionnaire?

Click here to complete an online version of the questionnaire that provides you with instant results.

Click here to download a pdf version of the questionnaire for your organization.

Once you've scored your answers, find the sector that best describes your workplace from the list below. Click on that sector to see how your scores compare with others from a larger sample of similar workplaces.

Where do these benchmarks come from?

These benchmarks come from approximately 1,400 firms that participated in the Ontario Leading Indicators Project. These firms are from a known randomly sampled population (firms registered with the WSIB). We weighted the data by organizational size and region to make the benchmarks representative of ALL organizations in their sectors in Ontario. 

Since not all firms were equally likely to participate in OLIP we used propensity scores to further make the benchmarks representative of ALL organizations in the sector. The propensity scores equation was developed by IWH and is unique to these benchmarking results.

If you do not see your sector below, you can compare your scores to all participating firms in Ontario.

Benchmarks for workplace sectors:

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