Measuring OHS vulnerability among new immigrants

Institute for Work & Health
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Toronto, Ontario

Morgan Lay
Research Associate
Institute for Work & Health

While previous research has identified that recent immigrants are at increased risk of work injury and illness, little is known about the specific mechanisms that lead to this elevated risk. In this plenary, Institute for Work & Health (IWH) research associate Morgan Lay presents preliminary results from a recent IWH collaboration with settlement agencies to better understand the workplace and social contexts that lead to increased risk of work injury among new immigrants. Looking at the responses to a new measure of occupational health and safety vulnerability, she compares the responses of new immigrants to those of a general sample of workers in Ontario.

About presenter

Morgan Lay

Morgan Lay is a research associate and project coordinator at the Institute for Work & Health. She coordinates and contributes to a number of projects with Dr. Peter Smith and Dr. Cam Mustard.

Lay’s recent research work includes measuring occupational health and safety vulnerability, examining disability management practices in the Ontario municipal sector, and estimating organization-level health and safety investments.

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