Staff Listing

Telephone: 416-927-2027

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Chamilla Adhihetty, PhD Student
ext: 2182
Dr. Benjamin C. Amick III, Senior Scientist
ext: 2115
Dr. Dorcas Beaton, Senior Scientist
ext: 2116
Julie Bowring, Research Associate
ext: 2105
Dr. F. Curtis Breslin, Scientist
ext: 2225
Kristina Buccat, Communications Assistant
ext: 2173
Albana ̉ªanga, Administrative Assistant
ext: 2160
Siobhan Cardoso, Manager of Research Operations (Planning and Reporting)
ext: 2146
Nancy Carnide, PhD Student
ext: 2210
Cynthia Chen, Research Associate/Analyst
ext: 2188
Mary Cicinelli, Director, Human Resources and Corporate Services
ext: 2153
Dr. Kim Cullen, Knowledge Exchange Associate and Associate Scientist
ext: 2128
Teresa D'Elia, Project Coordinator
ext: 2166
Jocelyn Dollack, Administrative Assistant
ext: 2151
Jan Dvorak, Web & Design Coordinator
ext: 2148
Jonathan Fan, PhD Student
ext: 2240
Era Mae Ferron, Project Coordinator (on leave)
ext: 2250
Dr. Andrea Furlan, Scientist
ext: 2171
Dr. Monique Gignac, Associate Scientific Director and Senior Scientist
ext: 2150
Shireen Harbin, Library Technician/Cochrane Back Review Group
ext: 2107
Charmaine Heath, Administrative Assistant
ext: 2132
Dr. Sheilah Hogg-Johnson, Associate Scientific Director and Senior Scientist
ext: 2130
Selahadin Ibrahim, Associate Scientist
ext: 2156
Sabrina Imam, Research Associate
ext: 2299
Emma Irvin, Director, Research Operations
ext: 2109
Dr. Arif Jetha, Associate Scientist
ext: 2229
Christina Kalcevich, Research Associate
ext: 2129
Carol Kennedy-Yee, Research Associate
ext: 2170
Dr. Agnieszka Kosny , Scientist
ext: 2195
Dr. Victoria Landsman, Scientist & Biostatistician
ext: 2131
Desiree Latour-Villamil, Project Coordinator
ext: 2196
Morgan Lay, Research Associate
ext: 2181
Hyunmi Lee, Programmer/Analyst
ext: 2228
Qing Liao, Research Analyst
ext: 2155
Joanna Liu, Library Technician
ext: 2184
Dylan Maccarone, Accounting Clerk
ext: 2103
Sara Macdonald, Knowledge Exchange Associate
ext: 2110
Quenby Mahood, Manager, Library Services
ext: 2112
Lyudmila Mansurova, Administrative Assistant
ext: 2137
Paolo Maselli, Systems Analyst/Network Administrator
ext: 2194
Christiane Mitchell, Project Coordinator/Research Associate
ext: 2176
Cindy Moser, Communications Manager
ext: 2183
Dr. Cameron Mustard, President & Senior Scientist
ext: 2143
Kay Nasir, Research Associate
ext: 2101
Kathy Padkapayeva, Administrative Research Assistant
ext: 2227
Shanti Raktoe, Administrative Assistant
ext: 2114
Dr. Lynda Robson, Scientist
ext: 2164
Dr. Ron Saunders, Director, Knowledge Transfer and Exchange, and Senior Scientist
ext: 2297
Colette Severin, Manager of Research Operations (Data, Information, Privacy and Ethics)
ext: 2126
Cathy Sir, Manager, Financial Services
ext: 2104
Dr. Peter Smith, Senior Scientist
ext: 2226
Michael Swift, Data Manager / Programmer
ext: 2111
Dr. Emile Tompa, Senior Scientist
ext: 2113
Sabrina Tonima, Research Assistant
ext: 2154
Dr. Dwayne Van Eerd, Associate Scientist
ext: 2138
Uyen Vu, Communications Associate / Editor, At Work
ext: 2176
Dr. Basak Yanar, Research Associate
ext: 2124
Grant Yao, Network Administrator/Systems Analyst
ext: 2144