Dr. Arif Jetha

Associate Scientist
PhD, Health and Behavioural Sciences, University of Toronto
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416-927-2027 ext. 2229

Dr. Arif Jetha is an associate scientist at the Institute for Work & Health. He is also an assistant professor (status-only) at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

Jetha earned his PhD in behavioural sciences and public health at the University of Toronto, and an MSc in health community and development from the London School of Economics and Politics. He also held post-doctoral fellowships at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety and the Institute for Work & Health.

Jetha’s program of research aims at understanding life course differences in the employment participation of people living with chronic disabling conditions. He is specifically interested in understanding early labour market experiences of millennial young adults and their impact on key transitions across life. His research also takes a systems perspectives to understand the role of policy-level factors and organizational conditions in the prevention and management of work disability. Arif utilizes a mixed-methods research approach to pursue his research program and produce findings that are relevant and usable for diverse stakeholders.

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“For millennial young adults, experiences during the early career phase are critical and can shape long-term labour market and health outcomes. Young adults living with a chronic disease or disability face a system of factors that create challenges to employment participation that extend across the working life course and adversely impact health. I am motivated to conduct research that contributes to the development of policy and programs that promote early and sustained involvement in employment.” — Dr. Arif Jetha


Conceal or reveal? Facilitators and barriers to older workers' communication of accommodation needs. Funded by Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada. Ongoing.
Improving processes for talking about and implementing work accommodations for people with chronic, episodic health conditions. Funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada Signature Initiative. Ongoing.
Strengthening disability management in Ontario’s municipal sector. Funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Social Sciences Humanities Research Council Signature Initiative. Ongoing.
Understanding employment transitions among people living with arthritis across the life course. Funded by Canadian Disability Participation Project, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Partnership Grant. Completed.


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