Project directory

The project directory includes Institute for Work & Health (IWH) research studies that were initiated in 2015 onward (as well as a few large studies that were ongoing in 2015). The directory also includes studies conducted under IWH’s Systematic Review Program since it began in 2005. For information on Institute studies initiated before 2015, see our Accomplishments Reports. Studies are either ongoing or completed. Ongoing studies are listed in alphabetical order. Completed studies are listed by year of completion, beginning with the most recently completed.

Project title Status

Accommodating and Communicating about Episodic Disabilities (ACED): A partnership to deliver workplace resources to sustain employment of people with chronic, episodic conditions

Research team: Monique Gignac (PI), Dorcas Beaton, Julie Bowring, Curtis Breslin, Emma Irvin, Arif Jetha, Ron Saunders, Peter Smith, Emile Tompa, Dwayne Van Eerd, Renée-Louise Franche, Joy MacDermid, William Shaw, Aaron Thompson, Sabrina Tonima


Assessing the psychosocial work environment in British Columbia to inform prevention activities

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Kay Nasir


Developing a Canadian work disability standard for paramedics with post-traumatic stress injury

Research team: Emile Tompa (PI), Amin Yazdani (PI), Sabrina Imam, Emma Irvin, Dwayne Van Eerd, Nicki Islic, Ron Meyers


ECHO PSP: Piloting the use of the ECHO model to promote recovery and return-to-work among public safety personnel in Ontario

Research team: Andrea Furlan (PI), Nadia Aleem (PI), Shireen Harbin, Emma Irvin, Colette Severin, Emile Tompa, Dwayne Van Eerd


Evidence-informed workplace policies and practices for the prevention of PTSI work disability

Research team: Dwayne Van Eerd (PI), Emile Tompa (PI), Emma Irvin, Doug Gross, Charl Els, Sebastian Straube, Suzette Bremault-Phillips, Nick Carleton, Akshay Mohan, Joann Varickanickal


First Responder Mental Health Treatment Services: Formative evaluation of a pilot program

Research team: Cameron Mustard (PI), Walter Wodchis (PI), Kathleen Dobson, Basak Yanar, Leslie Vesely, Gingin Chien


Implementation of PTSI programs in Alberta first responder organizations

Research team: Dwayne Van Eerd (PI), Emile Tompa, Emma Irvin, Doug Gross, Monique Gignac, Sharmigaa Ragunathan


Return to work in policing: synthesizing current practices and implementation guidance

Research team: Dwayne Van Eerd (PI), Siobhan Cardoso, Emma Irvin, Monique Gignac, Arif Jetha, Morgane Le Pouésard, Emile Tompa, Basak Yanar, Tanya Morose


TIE-C-MI: Trajectories of Income and Employment of Canadians with Mental Illness

Research team: Kathleen Dobson (PI), Monique Gignac, Simon Vigod, Claire de Oliveira, Mark Ferro, Rubab Arim


Understanding the role of parental employment quality in child mental health

Research team: Faraz Vahid Shahidi (PI), Anne Fuller (PI), Kathy Georgiades, Jinette Comeau, Arjumand Siddiqi, Gita Wahi, Andrew Pinto


Validation study of Occupational Stress Injury Resiliency Tool

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Kay Nasir


How RTW differs for workers with psychological injuries, older workers

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), , Anthony LaMontagne, Rebbecca Lilley, Sheilah Hogg-Johnson, Michael Sim

Completed 2020

Identifying and implementing current practices in supporting workers with depression

Research team: Dwayne Van Eerd (PI), Kim Cullen (PI), Siobhan Cardoso, Emma Irvin, Monique Gignac, Morgane Le Pouésard, Quenby Mahood, Anita Dubey, Judy Geary

Completed 2017

Effectiveness of interventions to address depression in the workplace: a systematic review

Research team: Andrea Furlan (PI), William Gnam, Nancy Carnide, Emma Irvin, Ben Amick, Kelly DeRango, Robert McMaster, Kim Cullen, Tesha Slack, Sandra Brouwer, Ute Bűltmann

Completed 2011