Our mission and values

Our mission

To conduct and mobilize research that supports policy-makers, employers and workers in creating healthy, safe and inclusive work environments

Our vision

Healthy, safe and inclusive work through excellent research

Our values


We aim for excellence in all that we do. We are committed to being international leaders in research and knowledge transfer and exchange to understand the inter-relationships between work and health.


We are transparent and ethical in our work, partnership development and decision-making. Our research meets the highest standards of scientific rigour and independence, and we are impartial in our interactions with study participants and project stakeholders, including workers, employers, health, safety and disability professionals, clinicians and policy-makers.


We believe that creativity and risk-taking are necessary for innovation and are committed to building an environment that supports curiosity and continuous learning.


We respect each other, our partners and collaborators, our research participants, and the dignity of workers everywhere. Together, we build and foster inclusive spaces and recognize the importance of diverse perspectives and lived experiences.


Our work is strengthened by collaboration with colleagues, researchers, workers, employers, policy-makers and others. We listen to our partners and believe that diverse sources of knowledge and multidisciplinary perspectives are necessary to achieve our mission.


We are committed to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility within our workplace and through the work we do. We seek to understand and eliminate the structures within our organization and in society more broadly that can be sources of discrimination and inequity.


We are honest and responsible stewards of our resources. We conduct research and knowledge transfer and exchange that is relevant and valued by our partners and funders.