At Work 106 (Fall 2021)

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A worker slumps over in fatigue and defeat, next to an angry boss and a desk piled high with work

For a segment of the workforce, psychosocial working conditions are poor across the board

For one in 10 Canadian workers, the psychosocial work environment is poor across the board. What's more, working in such conditions is associated with a substantial increase in their risk of burnout and stress.
Workplace inspectors inspecting a workplace during COVID, as indicated by the masks they are wearing

What research can do: Scanning how OHS authorities responded to the pandemic

A new Issue Briefing looks at common challenges in the way labour inspection authorities in developed countries around the world have responded to the pandemic
Close-up of floor markings indicating six feet distances

In most sectors, workplaces saw lower COVID transmission rates than in the community

What was the role of workplaces in contributing to COVID-19 case counts in Ontario? And what measures did workplaces across Canada put in place to reduce or prevent COVID spread? A team at IWH and Public Health Ontario draw on population-level data to find out.
Long shadows cast by a row of workers

Study probes factors behind poorer health, lower employment in injured workers’ post-claim experience

What are the work and health outcomes of injured workers after they no longer receive workers' compensation benefits or services? A study at IWH sets out to explore this little understood aspect of the post-injury experience.
View from the back of a man in a suit in an urban street

Unemployment benefits linked to lower mortality rates over 10 years: IWH study

We know that being out of work puts people at risk of short- and long-term health consequences—including higher death rates. A new study looks at whether—and how much—having income support during unemployment can lessen the negative impact.
Blurred silhouettes of people in a crowd

What’s connecting the global OHS community? Five things heard at the XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

"Prevention in the Connected Age" was the theme at the core of the XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, which was held September 20-23, 2021. From the many topics connecting the occupational health and safety community, we highlight a shortlist of five key ones.
NEWS is spelled out in scrabble pieces that are sitting on top of a stack of newspapers

IWH Updates - Fall 2021

IWH welcomes new Board officers, members ~ IWH research associate promoted to associate scientist