At Work 107 (Winter 2022)

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Over a third of work-related ER visits in Ontario don’t show up as WSIB claims

About 35 to 40 per cent of emergency department visits in Ontario for the treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses don't show up as workers' compensation claims⁠—indicating a level of under-reporting that's consistent with previous estimates.
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What research can do: IWH safety culture tool used in WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program

A version of the Institute for Work & Health Organizational Performance Metric (IWH-OPM) is used by Workplace Safety Insurance Board to let workplaces in its Health and Safety Excellence program measure their safety culture against a benchmark.
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IWH study finds psychosocial work stressors lead to burnout, but not vice versa

Research is starting to show that psychosocial work conditions can lead to burnout. But can burnout in turn influence a person’s relationship to their work? A new study at IWH examines whether a negative feedback loop exists between work stressors and burnout.
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Q&A: New IWH president talks about his role, how he got here, and plans for the years ahead

As he takes over from Dr. Cameron Mustard, who is retiring as Institute for Work & Health president after 20 years, Dr. Peter Smith looks back at his history with the Institute and his vision for its future
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Poor interactions with case managers linked with risk of mental illness later on

A new Ontario study finds face higher risks of serious psychological distress among injured workers who report not being treated with respect or not given the information they need in their interactions with case managers.
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IWH Updates - Winter 2022

IWH researcher wins new WorkSafeBC postdoctoral award ~ IWH 2020-21 annual report now available ~ Participants needed to pilot-test a work support and accommodation planning tool ~ Registration now open for the Spring 2022 session of Project ECHO OEM