At Work 92 (Spring 2018)

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A worker guides a crane lifting concrete at a construction site

Embedding essential skills training in OHS lessons can boost learning: study

The work of rigging and hoisting loads comes with significant hazard. Adding to the injury prevention challenge is the fact that many people doing this work have literacy and numeracy skills gaps. A recent IWH study tried out a novel approach to address these learning needs.
Illustration of a team following a leader up an incline

What research can do: OHS change model informs WSPS’s approach to small businesses

When WSPS consultants reach out to small businesses, they now look especially for an individual at each business who's passionate about health and safety issues. That approach is based on a model that came out of an IWH study examining how organizations make breakthrough change.
A nurse sits in deserted hospital hallway, looking worried

Violence prevention efforts face challenges despite commitment from hospital leaders

There has been a cultural shift in recent years when it comes to violence and aggression toward health-care workers. But despite commitment among hospital leadership to tackle the problems, prevention efforts still face several common challenges on the ground.
A man sits on the steps, holding his head in his hands

IWH’s new guide on supporting workers with depression integrates research with practice

Awareness is growing about the toll that depression can have on the workplace, but many are still unsure how to support workers and colleagues experiencing depression. To fill the knowledge gap, an IWH team has looked to the research literature, as well as current practices, to produce a guide.
Young landscaping worker holds hedge trimmer

IWH study estimates costs of non-melanoma skin cancers due to sun exposure at work

IWH economist and senior scientist conducted the first estimate of the economic burden of non-melanoma skin cancers from work-related sun exposure in Canada.
Man in red shirt jogs in a park adjacent to an office building

Workplace facilities and environments can help workers exercise during off-hours

Three in four Canadians have access to parks, gyms, shower rooms or other facilities near or at their work. Do these facilities encourage them to exercise more during their off-time? A new study says yes.
NEWS is spelled out in scrabble pieces that are sitting on top of a stack of newspapers

IWH Updates - Spring 2018

Institute for Work & Health welcomes new board member ~ IWH 2018 Activity Plan available online ~ Institute now accepting applications for Syme fellowships