Futures studies: its role in setting research agendas for work and health

Institute for Work & Health
481 University Avenue, Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario

Professor Niki Ellis
Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research

Futures studies are developing as a discipline, and are increasingly being used by business and government in strategic planning. The Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research (ISCRR) is a new Australian institute that has been modelled on the Institute for Work & Health in Toronto. It will be using a futures methodology to determine trends relevant to safety (and health), compensation and recovery for up to the period 2030, knowledge needs for the future and thus research priorities for 2011/14. The theory underpinning this work will be presented, along with the proposed method which will combine data text mining for relevant future trends and structured consultations, both virtual and face-to-face, through a Think Tank supported by leading- edge social network and collaborative project management technology.
The methodology will be illustrated with a case study of work undertaken in the Centre for Military and Veterans’ Health in 2007-08, led by the author.

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