The network secrets of great change agents

Institute for Work & Health
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Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Tiziana Casciaro
Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Change is hard, especially in a large organization. However, some leaders do succeed—often spectacularly—at transforming their workplaces. What makes them able to exert this sort of influence when the vast majority can’t? A team led by Dr. Tiziana Casciaro set out to gain that insight by focusing on organizations in which size, complexity, and tradition make it exceptionally difficult to achieve reform. In this plenary, she shares what she discovered were the predictors of change agents’ success.

A summary of Dr. Casciaro's findings have been published:

Battilana, Julie, and Tiziana Casciaro. "The Network Secrets of Great Change Agents." Harvard Business Review 91, nos. 7/8 (July–August 2013): 62–68.

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