A descriptive study of the OHS management auditing methods used by public sector organizations conducting audits of workplaces: implications for audit reliability and validity

Publication type
Journal article
Robson LS Macdonald S Gray GC Van Eerd D Bigelow PL
Date published
2012 Jan 25
Safety Science
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Past research has identified a research gap regarding studies of the reliability and validity of OHS management audit methods. This study describes 17 audit methods used by OHS auditing organizations in the broader public sector in the province of Ontario, emphasizing aspects relevant to audit reliability and validity. Wide variation was found in pertinent characteristics of the audit methods and in their corresponding programs. In addition, some discrepancies were found between actual auditing practices and international standards on management system auditing. Further research is needed to precisely determine the impact of these variations and discrepancies on the measurement properties of audit data and on the performance of audit programs. This study determined that such research is feasible with some, but not all, auditing programs