Top work-health researchers present findings at national conference

May 5, 2010 (Toronto, Ontario) – Two leading occupational health researchers will deliver keynote addresses at the biennial Canadian Association for Research on Work and Health (CARWH) conference.

Held in Toronto on May 28 and 29, the conference will bring together researchers and practitioners from across Canada to discuss findings and exchange ideas on the latest research to improve the health and safety of Canadian workers. The Institute for Work & Health (IWH) is hosting this event.

Opening the conference, the keynote speakers are:

  • Katherine Lippel, Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health and Safety Law, University of Ottawa. She will address the invisibility of the health consequences of precarious employment – jobs that are insecure, unprotected and/or poorly paid.
  • Kristan Aronson, Professor, Community Health and Epidemiology, Queen’s University. She will discuss the challenges in research on work at night and its potential link to a higher risk of breast cancer.

The CARWH conference theme is Worker Health in a Changing World of Work. More than 75 oral presentations, 46 posters and seven symposia are included in the conference program. Thought-provoking session topics include protecting vulnerable workers, occupational disease, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, return to work and prevention. In addition, two dedicated symposiums will address asbestos, and firefighter health and safety.
The conference venue is 89 Chestnut, University of Toronto. It is located south of Dundas Street on the east side of Chestnut Street (locate venue on Google Maps).

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Founded in Montreal in 2001, the Canadian Association for Research on Work and Health is a non-profit association of researchers in Canada whose work focuses on preventing and managing ill health, disability and injury associated with work activities and environments.

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