At Work 53 (Summer 2008)

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Massage relieves, but does not cure, chronic low-back pain

Current trends suggest massage has become a popular treatment option for chronic low-back pain. Massage, among the earliest known tools for treating pain, can promote muscle relaxation, improved circulation and general feelings of well-being. And it doesn’t involve surgery or prescription pill bottl

Disability income security programs are poorly coordinated

Canadian workers with disabilities face a patchwork of income security benefit programs – and many working-age disabled Canadians receive no income security benefits at all, according to a study by Institute for Work & Health researchers. Income security benefits provide financial support to those w

New Mustard Fellow plans to study prevention efforts, media campaigns

Liz Mansfield has conducted research in the areas of health and safety in small workplaces, injured workers, media prevention campaigns and young worker safety. She now hopes to expand her experiences in occupational health and safety (OHS) research here at the Institute.

Immigrant workers experience different health and safety issues

Immigrants often experience poorer conditions when they go off to work compared with their neighbours who were born in Canada, even years after settling here. These findings emerged from two new studies by researchers at the Institute for Work & Health (IWH).

IWH News

Institute scientists publish book ~ WorkCongress9 comes to Toronto ~ Nachemson Lectureship awarded ~ New Chair for the IWH SAC