Project directory

The project directory includes Institute for Work & Health (IWH) research studies that were initiated in 2015 onward (as well as a few large studies that were ongoing in 2015). The directory also includes studies conducted under IWH’s Systematic Review Program since it began in 2005. For information on Institute studies initiated before 2015, see our Accomplishments Reports. Studies are either ongoing or completed. Ongoing studies are listed in alphabetical order. Completed studies are listed by year of completion, beginning with the most recently completed.

Project title Status

Artificial intelligence and occupational injury and illness in Ontario: implications for prevention and recovery

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI), Hela Bakhtari, Aviroop Biswas, Cameron Mustard, Kay Nasir, Peter Smith, Sabrina Tonima, Victoria Arrandale, Jack Dennerlein, Maxwell Smith


Assessing the psychosocial work environment in British Columbia to inform prevention activities

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Kay Nasir


Creating safe workplaces for newcomers

Research team: Basak Yanar (PI), Peter Smith (PI), Edda Bild, Pam Cardwell, Stephanie Premji, Dwayne Van Eerd


Future-focused job accommodation practices for the school-to-work transition

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI), Monique Gignac, Sara Macdonald, Kay Nasir, Emile Tompa, Dwayne Van Eerd, Kathleen Martin Ginis


Future-proofing young Canadians with disabilities for the changing labour market

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI), Monique Gignac, Kay Nasir, Ali Shamaee, Peter Smith, Emile Tompa


Intelligent machines and human worker inequities: examining the implications of AI in the workplace

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI), Hela Bakhtari, Aviroop Biswas, Monique Gignac, Emma Irvin, Peter Smith, Faraz Vahid Shahidi, Silvia Bonaccio, Jack Dennerlein, Marc Frenette, Marlène Koffi, Peter Loewen, Naimul Mefraz Khan, Laura Rosella, Brendan Smith, Maxwell Smith, Nicole Wu, Daniyal Zuberi


Job quality and wellbeing in Canada: generating insights on the new world of work

Research team: Faraz Vahid Shahidi (PI), Monique Gignac, Arif Jetha, Ellen MacEachen


Transitioning to the future of work: an intersectional study of vulnerable youth and young adults

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI), Monique Gignac, Sara Macdonald, Kay Nasir, Ali Shamaee, Peter Smith, Yani Hamdani, Vicki Kristman


What are the long-term health and labour market outcomes of workers who experienced work-related COVID-19 transmission?

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Nancy Carnide, Arif Jetha, Cameron Mustard, Victoria Nadalin, Colette Severin, Mieke Koehoorn, Cheryl Peters