3-Minute Primary Care Low-Back Pain Examination

Published: January 2004

This three-part video reviews the screening examination of a patient with low-back pain. Hosted by the Institute of Health Economics in Alberta, the 13-minute video focuses on three key elements:

  • Observing the patient from the time he or she enters the physician's office
  • Ensuring the patient is appropriately disrobed
  • Maintaining good verbal communications with the patient throughout the examination

Who should use this video

The video is designed to teach primary care physicians the basic steps involved in an evidence-based examination of a patient presenting with low-back pain. The video may also help people low-back pain understand what to expect, or should expect, when they go to a doctor about their low-back pain.

The video runs in three parts:

  • Part I introduces the examination process and outlines the major steps and key considerations
  • Part II walks viewers through the examination in detail
  • Part III reviews the examination, highlighting key elements