Managing depression in the workplace: a systematic review contextualized for Manitoba

Report cover

Published: March 2017

by: Irvin E, Cullen KL, Van Eerd D, Saunders R, Johnson L, Bornstein S, Butt A

This report provides a synthesis of the relevant research-based evidence on managing depression for the adult working population of Manitoba. The findings of the synthesis are based on an international search of the literature and are specifically interpreted for the context of Manitoba, based on an approach to contextualizing evidence developed by the Institute for Work & Health and Memorial University's SafetyNet Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Research.

This report is intended to inform and assist decision-makers in Manitoba’s occupational health and safety and workers’ compensation systems. However, decision-makers from other jurisdictions, especially those with similar potential clients, geography and resources as Manitoba, may also find the content helpful. The report includes explanations of research terms and technical language. As such, specialized occupational health and safety, medical or health knowledge is not needed in order to understand its content.