Process and implementation of participatory ergonomics interventions: A systematic review

In participatory ergonomics (PE), a team works together to identify risks, and change tools, equipment and work processes to improve workplace conditions. PE interventions have been shown to reduce work-related injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues. What elements of a participatory ergonomic intervention can help ensure its success in workplaces? A new systematic review answers this important question.

Among the factors that increase the likelihood of a successful program:

  • Create PE teams with appropriate members including workers, supervisors and advisors
  • Address key facilitators/barriers, such as management support and resources for the program
  • Provide ergonomic training

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Van Eerd D, Cole D, Irvin E, Mahood Q, Keown K, Theberge N, Village J, St. Vincent M, Cullen K, Widdrington H