From Research to Practice: A knowledge transfer planning guide

Cover of From Research to Practice: A Knowledge Transfer Planning Guide
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Published: January 2006

This 10-page guide includes advice and worksheets on creating messages, understanding audiences, transferring knowledge, and defining impacts. It is based on the model of knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) used by the Institute for Work & Health in the mid 2000s. It was written by Rhoda Reardon, Jane Gibson and Dr. John Lavis, all experienced practitioners in knowledge transfer and exchange who have interpreted evidence (about what works in knowledge transfer) and have then applied it in real-world settings.

The guide is based upon a model that favours knowledge exchange (as opposed to one-way producer push or user pull models). In the knowledge exchange model, relationships are built and nurtured between those who produce research and those who might use research knowledge to enable an exchange of information, ideas and experience. Integral to the exchange is researchers helping audiences to build capacity to use research knowledge and audiences helping researchers work be more relevant.

Who should use this guide

Although this workbook was initially developed to be used in conjunction with a facilitated workshop, it can also be used on its own by researchers, KTE practitioners and others to help guide their knowledge transfer planning.