At Work 113 (Summer 2023)

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A police officer with their back turned faces a group of people walking around.

Police service members face challenges with accommodation, communication and trust when returning to work after an injury

A recent IWH study examined the experiences of sworn and civilian Ontario police service members returning to their jobs after experiencing an injury or illness. It found their RTW challenges revolved around five main themes.
A worker drives a forklift in a lumber mill

What research can do: Following reports by IWH and others, B.C. strengthens protections against claim suppression

An IWH study, commissioned to examine the nature and extent of claim suppression, was taken up by advocates to call for change and helped pave the way to legislation that strengthens protections against the practice.
A young male doctor engaging in an online discussion using his laptop

Telementoring program helps doctors and other frontline health-care providers handle challenging return-to-work cases

Ontario health-care providers share what they gained from taking part in IWH's ECHO OEM, a telementoring and community of practice program focused on occupational and environmental medicine.
Robots lift boxes from a conveyor belt in a factory without human workers

IWH researchers create roadmap for AI research that prioritizes worker health

Using insights from a group of experts brought together in the fall of 2022, an IWH team has developed a four-part research agenda. It's designed to guide AI research and spark conversations to ensure worker health and safety are at the forefront of AI policy and adoption in the workplace.
A woman dressed in work attire looks out a window with her arms folded.

What is the impact of depression on years of employment among working-age adults?

If someone experiences depression, what is the impact on the length of their future working life? It depends on how, and when, someone experiences depression. An IWH study found five trajectories of depression in working adults, each with varied impacts on the length of their working life.
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IWH Updates

New award for early career researchers launched ~ Institute names new associate scientific director ~ IWH associate scientists promoted to scientists