At Work 82 (Fall 2015)

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Two ironworkers walking on steel beams against a blue sky

IWH study in construction sector suggests unionized firms are safer

First industry-wide study in Ontario by Institute for Work & Health finds unionized construction workers report more claims overall but fewer claims that result in time off work.
A young man cuts wood at a saw table

Distinct types of OHS vulnerability seen in young, temporary, small business employees

A tool developed by IWH measures three types of vulnerability to workplace health and safety risk.
View of books on shelves in university library

Research key to finding way forward during WSIB reform: Nachemson speaker

Judy Geary, a former Workplace Safety and Insurance Board executive, reflects on the value of research in policy-making at IWH's annual lecture.
Silhouette of a worker in a darkened hallway

Injured shift workers report poorer health outcomes than injured day workers: study

An IWH study finds injured workers who work shifts are no more likely to leave their jobs than injured workers who work standard shifts, despite being in poorer health.
Health and safety law book

Qualitative systematic review highlights new regulatory, implementation issues in OHS

Implementing OHS laws and regulations can be challenging in the complex, non-standard world of work.
Two workers in a warehouse consult document

Users of IWH’s participatory ergonomics guide report better awareness of key steps

An evaluation study finds there is high interest in participatory ergonomics, but little opportunity for implementation.
NEWS is spelled out in scrabble pieces that are sitting on top of a stack of newspapers

IWH Updates

Registration for PREMUS 2016 now open ~ IWH’s current adjunct and former scientist receives global health award ~ IWH plenaries now available as live stream